Situated on the left bank of river Beas at an altitude of 1851m, Naggar - an ancient town commands extensive views, especially to the North West of the valley. Naggar was the former capital of Kullu. It was founded by Raja Visudhpal and continued as a headquarters of the State until the capital was transferred to Sultanpur (Kullu) by Jagat Singh in 1460 A.D. Today this ancient and beautiful Palace is a popular tourist spot.


CLIMATE : In winter heavy woolens are recommended and in summers the temperature is pleasant and cottons are suggested.

What To See




 In the upper courtyard of the castle there is a small temple - a small square structure which contains "Jagtipatt" a slab of stone measuring 5'x8'x6" which is said to have been brought from a place near Vashisht by honey bee. This is also place for meeting of local deities of Kullu.




This pagoda shaped wooden temple is situated in the upper part of the village. This is also a rare examples of architecture.




Nicholas Roerich was a famous artist. He married to Helena Roerich and famous Indian actor Devika Rani is his daughter in law. He settled in Naggar. He spent nearly 20 years in this place before his death. His entire property is now converted as an Art gallery showing his paintings. This place was originally belonging to a Raja of Mandi and Roerich bought from him. The paintings show landscapes of many important places surrounding Kullu,Manali and Naggar. Most of the paintings show the beauty of ice covered valleys and peaks during early hours of in the evening. 
The Roerich Museum is at the right side to the main road. Both the buildings of Art gallery and Museum are now in good condition with the help of Indian government which helped for developing the tourism and there is a trust managing both. The museum consists of traditional items used by people of Himachal Pradesh like dresses, ornaments, cooking utensils etc… 
There is entry fee for both Art gallery and Museum (same ticket). The timing is from 10AM to 5 PM, Monday is holiday for both. A sale counter is also kept where tourists can buy books, paintings from the counter. 




At the foot of small bazaar below the Castle is the Gauri Shankar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is a charming example of architecture and carving of its particular period. Now a protected monument with heritage status.




This castle was built by Raja Bhosal and is now under the control of HPTDC. There is a hotel run in this castle after renovation. The place is very scenic from where entire Kullu valley on both sides can be seen. There is a sacred slab of stone called Jagti Patt in the castle. Being the only surviving castle in Kullu district, It is a belief that this Jagti Patt stone rescues the local people against all ill effects. There are three storeys in the castle and there is a museum in one of the gallery. 


Dagpo Shedrupling Monastery – KAIS


This monastery was built recently and has been inaugurated during May – 2005 by the Noble laureate, his Holiness, The Dalai Lama. The Monastery is located at the left bank of Beas river and the view of valleys surrounding the place is majestic. This Monastery is nearer to Kullu and just 10Kms away. One can see the monastery from both the banks of Beas river near Kullu. This place is surrounded by lush green hills. The monastery look is very majestic and associated with Lamrin. Dhakpo Shedroop Ling has been dedicated to His Holiness Dalai Lama. 



Chamunda Bhagwati temple is located at Nishala village which is 4Kms from Naggar on the way to Bijli Mahadev. This place is movie makers favorite location for shooting. 

Murlidhar Temple


This Muralidhar temple of Thawa is situated at a height in Naggar. Radha Krishna idols are installed in the temple. Many more idols can also be seen in the premises. 
The total time required for visiting all the places in Naggar will be around 3 to 4 hours. Good food and refreshments are available.




The Kullu Valley has numerous places for trout fishing. These includes Katrain, Raison, Kasol and Naggar, along the river Tirthan near Larji, in the Sainj valley.




The valley is a nucleus to several trek routes. Some major ones are over the Chanderkhani Pass to Malana village, over the Jalori Pass to Shimla, and over the Pin Parvati Pass to Sarahan. The river Beas offers excellent opportunities for white water rafting.




Shawls, Local Tweeds, Rugs, Foot Wear (Pullan), Baskets, Natural oil (almond and olive), special Kullu Caps.



HOW TO REACH : By road Kullu is 26 km and Manali is 21 km. The airport is at Bhunter (Kullu) 36 km.




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