Nainital also famous for its beautiful lakes derives its name from Naina Devi Temple which is  situated on the north bank of Naini lake. Nainital located at an altitude of 1938 Mts. Above sea level. Nainital is located in the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand State in India.  Formerly a British hill station, it’s set around Nainital Lake, a popular boating site with Naina Devi Hindu Temple on its north shore. There’s shopping in Bara Bazaar, and hiking trails with mountain views crisscross the surrounding area’s wooded hills. Nainital is an all weather destination you can visit here any time throught the year and you will find it in a differnt color and mood, needs some caution during the rainy season as Nainital receives heavy downpore from July to September.

According to Skand Puran the Naini lake was called Tri-Rishi Tal (The lake of three sages). Today it has an impressive lake surrounded by the hills from three sides with highest peak Cheena (2610 m) and the valley in between running from east to west. The lake is a little more than 3 kms in circumference. Nainital remains packed from April to November with tourist for sightseeing as well as for seeking escape from the heat of the plains. Naini lake has facilities for boating and yatching. Facilities for horse riding, skating, golf and rock climbing are also available for the visitors. Fishing is also permitted with the permission of local authorities. Talli Tal and Malli Tal are the two main trading centre at Nainital.

This is one of the interesting fact that the Upper or North side of the lake called as Mallital and lower or south end of the Lake called Tallital by the local residents and the famous mall road lies between both of the ends.


What To See


Naini Peak

Situated at an altitude of 2,611 mts. also called Cheena Peak is 6 kms from Mall Road is most favored picnic spot of the town and highest peak of Nainital. The name cheena peak derived from a saint who was devotee of Lord shiva who worship near the peak during the early years of 19th century. One can view the distant plains and snow clad Himalayas from the peak. A bird's eye view of the lake is also obtainable from here. One can either trek or go on a horse back up to Naina Peak.


Camel’s Back Peak

Deopatta or Camel's Back located at an altitude of 2,422 mts above sea level and the second highest peak of nainital.
True to its name, Camels back suggest because it's shape look like a camel’s back. It is to be kept in mind that Camels back is meant only for pedestrians. You Can Visit This Place On Foot only.


Tiffin Top Peak/Dorothy’s Seat

Tiffin Top situated at an altitude of 7520 ft (2290 mt) in Ayarpatta region in Nainital Town also known as Dorothy's seat - built in memory of an English lady Mrs. Kellet Dorothy, who was killed in an air crash build by her husband after her death.
Visitors & tourists would trek to Tiffin top with packed lunch's and spend a quiet and peaceful day here hence also called Tiffin Top.


Nainital Zoo

Nainital Zoo is among the very well maintained Zoos in India. It is situated in the hills of Sher ka Danda at about 1 km. from Tallital Bus Station at an elevation of 2100 meters above sea level and connected by motorable road.


Public Timings :- 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM 
The Nainital Zoo remains closed on Mondays and on all National Holidays.


Cave Garden

The Eco Cave Garden is fast becoming a popular destination. Located in Sukhatal or Mallital as it is commonly known, on the Kaladungi road, it is a natural park maintained by the local administration. 

A network of inter-connected rocky caves and hanging gardens, it leads the visitor into a mysterious and ancient dream - world and gives the tourist an encapsulated glimpse of what the wilderness of the hill-region can offer-right in the easily approachable middle of the civilization. Drive straight up to entrance, climb up a short flight of steps cut into the hill-side, and you will enter the cave - world of our prehistoric ancestors.





Situated at an altitude of 1951 mts. And  3 kms away from nainital. A popular place for worship in the temple of lord Hanuman and its Sun-set view.


Naini Lake


 Naini Lake is the most famous and sought after spot of Nainital town.The boat club overlooking the lake offers sailing facilities and also boating. Fishing is allowed with the permission of Executive Officer, Municipal Board, Nainital.


The Governor's House


 Governers House or Raj Bhawan spread in the area of 220 acres and a marvel of British engineering and architecture was built in the line of Buckingham Palace London, having double storied 113 rooms. State guests & V.I.P. coming to Nainital also use it for their stay. It consists of a marvellous Garden, Golf Links, Swimming Pool and covered with lush green area of Deodar and Oak trees.

The foundation stone of the Nainital Government House, modeled after Buckingham Palace, was laid on April 27, 1897, and the building was completed in March 1900. It was occupied by Sir Antony Mac Donnell in that year, and was inhabited after him by Sir James La Touche, Sir John Hewett, Sir James Meston, Sir Harcourt Butler and Sir William Morris.

The architecture has been professionally described as of "the early domestic Gothic style". The front aspect is dominated by six castellated turrets which were later benefited by the removal of the steep pinnacles which formerly crowned them. The general effect is one of solidity and dignity without exuberance. The back view of the house, which most nearly suggests an English country house, is perhaps, its most successful aspect. The material used was, in the main, a local stone, a dark grey marble, mixed in the interior cross walls with local dolomite limestone. While Naloina freestone was used freely in the exterior, a limited use was also made of Agra red sandstone.

Teak was used freely for the main stairway, the paneling of the dining-room, all the doors and window and some of the principal floors. Elsewhere, shisham, satin wood, cypress and sal were used to some extent; and the local pine wood was employed for trusses, joints and the less important floors. The glass, tiles, brass fittings and iron pipes came from England. Agra masons did the ashlars stone work and carpenters from Punjab did the wood work. Messrs Lazarus and Co. of Calcutta and Messrs Maple and Co. of London did most of the furnishing. The house stands upon a plateau at an altitude of 1932.37 metres above sea-level with rising ground behind it.

The Golf Course Ground inside Governor's House The Golf Course From the level of the lower lawn, well graded paths traverse the outlying portion of the grounds where the golf course lies. It is an 18 hole golf course with 18 different tees. Golfing was started in 1926 with the efforts of Lord Malcolm Hailey, the then Governor of the United Provinces. The golf course was designed and constructed by the British Army Engineers. A culmination of masterpiece designing, the ground was studded with hards and covered by vibrant forests which can still be witnessed. The course is spread over an area of 50 acres amidst a hilly landscape with a typical flavour of the British penchant for sylvan surroundings.

It is one of the most challenging courses in the world where one can enjoy the ethereal beauty of the course with the changing seasons, surrounded with the thick deodar forest where leopards, Goral and other wild animals can be spotted occasionally by the users.


Opening Timings of Governor House for general public

Open All Days except Sunday & all Gazetted holidays.

March to April – 8 am to 5 pm 
May to August – 8 am to 6 pm 
September to October – 8 am to 5 pm 
November to December – 8 am to 4 pm 
Entry Ticket - Rs. 20 per person




Land's End


Situated at an altitude of 2118 mts. 4.08 kms from Nainital. One can have magnificent view of Khurpatal lake and Town, the view of terraced fields on the hill side is a delight to watch.




Situated at an altitude of 2,194 mts. 10 kms from Nainital Is surrounded with thick wooded forest, ideal for a quiet and peaceful holidays is very well connected by the road. In the night lots of varied and rich Nainital wild life is also can be seen here including Ghural, Barking Dear, Himalayan Bear and lepord etc..




Situated at an altitude of 2100 mts 13 Kms. from Nainital and 3 Kms from Kilbury is called Bird Watcher’s paradise also famous for its various tracking routes. The most famous tracking trail starts from Pangot and leads to Naina Peak via Kilbury here you can see the untouched beauty of the Kumaon hills, the most dense conifer forest with rich and varied flora and founa. 




Situated at an altitude of 1,635 mts 10 kms from Nainital. This is an angler’s paradise on Nainital-Kaladhungi-Ramnagar Road. It is here that the conifers belt merges and gives way to the Sal trees. Fishing permits are available from Deputy Commissioner, Nainital.




Situated at an altitude of 2270 mts. 3 km from nainital. This is the nearest easily accessible peak on Sher-ka-Danda hill connected by Ropeway and by Road. A powerful telescope is fixed here which enables one to view the Himalayan ranges.


Nainital Ropeway 


Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam has since installed the most sophisticated ropeway at Nainital which is the first of its kind in India. The ropeway covers a distance of 705 meters with an altitude gain of 300 meters. Carrying a maximum load of 825 kgs or 12 persons in each of its two cars, the ropeway travels at a maximum speed of 6 mts/ sec.




Situated at an altitude of 1,371 mts 22 kms away from Nainital. Bhimtal is named after Bhim, one of the five Pandavas of 'Mahabharata'. The lake at Bhim Tal is larger than Naini lake at Nainital. Boating, swimming and fishing are the main attractions. An island in the centre of the lake is an excellent spot for picnic. Fishing permits can be obtained from the fishing Inspector of Bhim Tal. Tourist Bungalow and private lodges are available here.


Sat Tal


Situated at an altitude of 1371 mts. 21 kms. Away from Nainital is the best place to visit near Nainital. This is a charming spot and the venue of the famous Kohinoor Camp in summer. There is an Ashram run by Dr. E. Stanley Jones of United States Missionaries, where religious, educational and social youth camps are held every year. Nearby, there are several small lakes, numbering seven, from where the name Sat Tal is derived. The lakes include Panna, Nal Damyanti and Sita. Sukha Tal is located in the middle of thick pine and oak trees. There are excellent facilities for swimming, boating and fishing. A small World Life sanctuary is another spot of tourist attractions.


Naukuchia Tal


Situated at an altitude of 1,219 mts. 27 kms away from Nainital. This is a lake known for its nine corners. Area around the lake is an ideal place for bird watching. Fishing permits can be obtained from Fishing Inspector of Bhimtal.


What To Do




If you are in Nainital than don’t forget to go for trekking it has a lots of treks developed by britishers around Nainital.

  1. Trek to cheena Peak Also known as Naina Peak this is the highest point of Nainital and that is why it has always been the major tourist attraction. Today, many people trek to China Peak in order to avail themselves an extra dose of adventure. The trek is relatively easy one, for elderly people horse ride is also an option. On this trek you will pass through thick Deodar forest. The rhododendron-strewn path is one delight for the trekkers to China Peak. The view from the trail and the top is simply fantastic, you will have a bird eye view of Nainital Town from the top.
  2. Trek to Tiffin Top and Camels back peak both are the other two major peaks in Nainital, the camles back peak trek is more adventures and can only be access on foot. The Tiffin Top can also be reached on horseback. The view from both of the peak is simply fantastic. The camel’s back peak has a very narrow top as only few people can be there on the top but certainly is more adventures.
  3. Cheena Peak to Pangot via Kilbury this trek is meant for really tough people it starts from Snow View to cheena peak to kilbury and ends at Pangot, total 10 Kms but will give you a full dose of Adventure. It passes through thick conifer forest and various tiny mountain streams, you will certainly have an opportunity to see many of the 500 bird species who lives in this region. This forest is home for various wild animals like barking dear, Ghural etc..
  4. Nainital to Khairna This trek is around 15Km long, starts from snow view point nainital at 2200 mtrs hight and ends at Khairna (its a village on Nainital Almora rute) at around 1000 mtrs. hight. This is used by hard core trekkers only although it goes downwards for entire 15Kms. There are lot of varied vegetation can be found on the way as you go down. The trek passes through small hamlets, waterfalls and streams over all an ultimate adventure if you can afford to walk 15Kms.


Rock Climbing


At Baahar Patthar or Barah Patthar near Kumaon University Nainital, behind which is a rock climbing spot. Amateur climbers are not welcome here, you have to take at least a 7 days course in which you can learn abseiling, bouldering, climbing, scrambling and river crossing. Now, physical agility and your duration is the main question here, if you are in the city for a long time and you are looking for something really enthralling to do, rock climbing is the perfect thing to do in Nainital. Being spent years in Nainital I can honestly tell you that climbing up a mountain and reaching at the top is the best feeling.


Shopping at Tibetan Market


Bargain is the key here and the riches of trendy clothes shall be bestowed upon you at the Tibetan Market in Nainital. The market is situated at the far end of the Flatts forming an L-shape shopping paradise. Men do not be disheartened, although the collection is limited for men wear, one might end up buying some good t-shirts and jackets.


Sonam’s Momo


Your trip to Nainital can’t be completed without having visited sonam’s authentic tibten fast food shop situated at the end of a narrow lane in mallital tibten market. The shop offers delicious momos and thupkas a must eating at Nainital.


Bird Watching at Pangot/Kilbury


Pangot and Kilbury forests are the home of more than 500 bird species. If you need a lazy holiday where you can lie on your back and watch the clouds float than also Kilbury and Pangot are the best places around Nainital to do so. Far from the city’s bustles these two hideouts let you have your way. Pangot is a heart shape hamlet 13 Kms from Nainital offering an exhilarating escape from the usual. Now, this small place is dotted with many resorts that guarantee a pleasant stay amidst ever so surreal nature.


Boating in Naini Lake

Indulge yourself in boating which is one of the most relaxing experiences in Nainital. Naini Lake which is Nainital’s centerpiece is shaped like an eye. The lake offers picturesque view with breathtaking surroundings. It is said to be one of the emerald green eyes of Shiva’s wife, Sati.

Timings for Boating in Naini Lake

March to June: 06:00 am - 06:00 pm


Paragliding In Naukuchiatal/Bheemtal


Paragliding is a recreational and competitive flying sport. A paraglider is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by its suspension lines and the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing. In Naukuchiatal, paragliding lovers feel lucky to slip into those wings and fly high like a bird, touch the clouds, and be as high as the mountains!!!

The Perfect Time for paragliding in Naukuchiatal is March to June and October to December.



How to reach


By Air The near airport is at Pantnagar (71 kms), connected by air service with New Delhi.

By Rail The nearest railway station from Nainital is Kathgodam (35 kms) is well connected and having daily trains from Haowra, Lucknow, Jaipur and Delhi.

By Road Nainital is having very good road connectivity via two different routes going through Haldwani (40Kms) and Ramnagar (70Kms). There are daily buses operates from Nainital and Haldwani  to New Delhi, Lucknow, Bareli, Dehradun, Jaipur etc.





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